Jason Smith is an entrepreneur, Realtor, investor, DOER, husband, father, and racing enthusiast. His journey to real estate success is interesting and inspiring.

Born and Raised in Evans Mills, NY he was raised in a blue-collar family. This is where Jason inherited his work ethic and “not afraid to get his hands dirty” life skills. It is also where he met his wife Sarah and began raising his 4 children: Ryland, Maverick, Everest, and Scarlett. Jason is an alumnus of Indian River Central School and NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC. Smith's passions are simple—bringing value to everything he touches and having fun while doing so.

Out of college, unsure what direction he wanted to go, Jason worked highway construction for the next 4-5 years. It is here that he reaffirmed the meaning of hard work and true grit! This experience and family cultivated many of the qualities Jason possesses today!

Jason started his Real Estate career in 2011 with a passion to do things differently than the status quo. He wanted to create mind-share and bring the most value he could to the real estate transaction. He directed his boundless energy to mastering the art of marketing and leveraging technology to assume the role of an industry leader. He reached and maintained his position “on the pole so to speak” ahead of the competition. He learned early on that harnessing and mastering the power of social media was central to his success. Others followed, but he remained in front by always innovating! The results thus far speak for themselves:

  • 2013 rising star award EXIT REALTY
  • 2014, 2015 #1 producing agent in New York State for EXIT REALTY
  • 2014, Top 100 agents in North America for EXIT REALTY
  • 2015, Top 50 agents in North America for EXIT REALTY
  • 2016, Founders 50 broker of Cooperative Real Estate USA
  • 2016, Cooperative Real Estate USA #imagemakeraward
  • 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Women’s Council of Realtor's Top-Producer

Competitive, compassionate, energetic, charismatic, inspiring, generous, and empathetic: These are just a handful of the things Jason strives to be.

Jason’s real estate success led to the birth of Jason Smith Real Estate in 2016. With a passion to redefine the local real estate market, Jason consistently raises the bar and is often viewed as the forerunner of modern-day real estate in the Greater Watertown area. Through systems, technology, amazing people in his world, and a little grit—Jason has become the areas number one Team!

In 2018 after many nights of speculation Jason and his wife Sarah would start a new Journey. With Sarah’s 10 plus years of being a mortgage loan originator they both made a life-changing decision to partner up and work side by side within the brokerage. Two opposite personalities with polar-opposite strengths. Jason refers to himself as the one who drives the bus, and Sarah is the one that makes him stop and change the oil and rotate the tires.

With COVID-19 challenging us with uncertainty, 2020 brought many new changes to us all—Jason and Sarah included. The cases were on the rise and NY started shutting down. Being deemed non-essential our family and company were left wondering what the future would bring. Many emotions would run through their minds, family being on the top of the list. For the first time in their careers, they would be forced to STOP and analyze. They had no control. Most people would panic, but for some reason, Jason was eerily calm. With family being of top concern Jason and Sarah discussed relocating to Florida, which leads us to today.

A new chapter begins, and the REALTY SMITHS are born. With their 20 plus years of combined experience developing processes, systems, unique marketing, and HARD WORK Jason and Sarah decided to re-brand and create an expansion market in the Bradenton/Sarasota Florida market. With huge, scary, audacious goals Jason and Sarah (along with their amazing staff, referral partners and our NY State of mind) will be bringing it to the SUNSHINE state and will now be servicing both the frigid cold of Northern NY and the beautiful sunsets of the Florida Gulf Coast! If you're looking for an expert-level, all-in, 100% Real Estate agent, then "I know a guy, "Mr. Smith of REALTY SMITHS TEAM brokered by REAL